Tree Services in Birmingham, AL

At Precision Tree Service, we offer a variety of tree services to help you with whatever your landscaping or land clearing needs may be. This variety includes tree removal, tree trimming and stump removal. Precision Tree Service is also available at any time to help you with emergency tree services. We offer fast and efficient storm cleanup in Birmingham, Bessemer, Hoover, Trussville, Shelby County, and Jefferson County, AL. In addition to offering a true diversity of services, Precision Tree Service also serves more locations than just Birmingham, AL. We serve all of the surrounding areas, including Clay, Hoover, Trussville, AL and more with all of the following services:

  • Tree removal

    Tree removal or tree grinding can be necessary for many reasons. Maybe you’re building something new or maybe it’s causing problems with your home or your business. Whatever the case may be, the professionals at Precision Tree Service can help. We will efficiently remove the problem, while leaving absolutely no mess behind us.

  • Tree pruning and trimming

    Whether for a commercial or a residential location, the need to have your trees maintained will always exist. Trees that are not pruned or trimmed can make your surroundings look messy or unprofessional. With our trimming and tree pruning services, we can transform those trees to a maintained state that not only looks neat, but also exudes professionalism.

  • Storm cleanup

    Storms and other disasters can happen at any time. Additionally, they often bring mess and chaos with them, especially in the form of a torn up lawn or a fallen tree. At Precision Tree Service, we offer storm cleanup 24/7. Whenever disaster strikes and you need help with the cleanup, our professionals can help.

We are called Precision Tree Service for a reason: we are precise and professional, and we can efficiently get the job done with our wide spectrum of quality land clearing and emergency tree services. Contact us today at 205-283-9190.